Advice on Health  



Health is the state of being free from physical and psychological diseases. There are many kinds of diseases. Examples of such diseases are: common cold, brucellosis, typhoid, malaria, arthritis, HIV, cholera, to name a few. These diseases their causative agents. The common cold is caused by the flue, typhoid-salmonella typhi, brucella-brucellamelitensis, malaria-plasmodium mosquito, HIV-virus, cholera-vibrio cholera.

These causative agents from certification process page have always their host or medium of growth. For example, some diseases are caused by harmful microorganisms that thrive in contaminated food materials. Others must depend on their hosts to get nourishment. Examples are parasites like tick and flea. Psychological diseases may be brought about by external factors like emergencies. Emergencies may bring about stress and anxiety.

Health is very important in our bodies. Without health, we cannot continue with our daily activities. This is because some of our body structures are not functioning properly. For example, we may not lift an object when our hands are weak. There are many ways of making our body healthy. These methods of keeping our body health are determined by factors like type of food, availability of resources, locality to name a few. We can keep our body healthy through nutrition. Nutrition is used to mean the collection of different foods that give various nutrients.

There several kinds of foods, cereals, legumes, vegetables, and meat. All these foods contain particular nutrients. Cereals like maize are carbohydrates foods. Legumes like beans are protein foods. Vegetables are vitamin foods. Meat provides a balanced diet.

You should always take a balanced died. A balanced diet should also include water. Water prevents the body from regular dehydration. It is advisable to take eight glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration. You should also practice diet discipline. This is planning on the required time to take food. Food should not be taken each and every hour.  Know more about health in

It must have its correct time. Also, it is good to know the different types of food to take in different times of the day and night. For example, it appropriates to take light food when sleeping and heavy food when going to work. You should exercise your body to make it healthy. You can do this by engaging yourself in various activities like playing games. Exercise has been known to cure obesity. It does this by reducing fat in the body. Exercise has also been known to cure psychological diseases like stress and depression, click here to get started!


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